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Spring PM check-up services

Get your systems checked during Spring and Fall

Fall PM check-up services

Inspection and service of furnace(s) include:

• Clean furnace and coil

• Inspect heat exchanger for cracks

• Check for gas leaks

• Check proper functioning of gas valve

• Check all electrical connections

• Preform carbon monoxide test

• Check for proper start-up and functioning of the furnace

Preventative maintenance agreements are:

$125.00 per year for the first system


$75.00 for each additional system


Call us now and rest easy knowing that we are around to check your systems regularly.



Inspection and service of outside unit(s) include:

• Copper lines' insulation

• Wires should be neatly taped and not frayed

• Clean condensing coil

• Check Freon pressure

• Check for leaks on copper lines

• Examine and test electrical connections


Inspection and service of inside unit include:

• Test start-up of unit, verify thermostat accuracy

• Check all electrical connections

• Inspect and blow-drain lines out

• Check drain pan for algae or signs of overflow

• Inspect for rust, rot and mold around attic air conditioning unit

• Inspect ductwork for leaks (loose tape, tears in ducts or loose ducts)